Best Scuba Fins of 2016 Compared and Reviewed

An essential element of a diver’s equipment are scuba fins. Without them, there is no way to propel yourself. You will end up under water like a turtle on its back. I am often asked by my trainees on the choices to be made. As with any equipment, I do like some fins better than others. So I thought that a little note on this subject could perhaps help in making an informed decision.

Indeed, the offerings of suppliers are quite large. Also it is important to take full advantage of your dives to choose the right fins for practice. I specify, although it goes without saying to regular readers of the blog, I have no incentive from a particular manufacturer. I recommend equipment based on my usage and my humble feedback!

Scuba Diving Fins Comparison Chart

Model Review Buy
Outcast Power Kick New style fins that helps prevent fatigue in the calves. Fins reduces cramping and leverage the power of muscles for stronger kicks. Buy
ScubaPro Seawing Nova Provides an almost perfect balance of rigidity and bending, producing propulsion that will trigger a diver without a hint of pain in the leg or ankle sprain. Buy
DIVERITE XT SCUBA XT is a design that has been tested for over 20 years. The fins are stiff, but are lighter than traditional rubber fins. Buy
Cressi Pro Light Diving fins long leaves for extra power, stiff material and the curvatures of the channels provides additional guidance. This kind of fins need strong muscles in the legs. Buy
Cressi-ARA-EBS Provides excellent response. These fins provide more power to push a diver, which translates in an excellent stress/performance. Buy
Oceanic Vortex V6 Creates less stress on the leg muscles compared with traditional fins, helps reduce fatigue of the submariner, a design that produces forward motion with less effort. You need more kicks when they are in current or have too much weight. Buy
Mares Instinct Pro A revolutionary system which optimizes the pivoting movement of the foot. This technology ensures that the blade is always at an optimal angle during the swim up and down. Great flexibility. Buy
Omega Amphibian Flip Fin Scuba fins are not designed for walking. Not anymore. With this new design you can put on your fins before entering the water. This used to be a challenge for new and experienced divers in boats and on beaches. - Buy
Aqua Lung SlingShot These scuba fins used bands that are loaded with power energy for kicking. The release or throw power provides a boost of power underwater, instead of wasting your energy. These bands can also be changed to 3-speeds. Change its speed ratio of effort to adapt to the specific conditions of your dive. Amazing. Buy

Scuba Fins Buying Guide


The fins are one of the first items to consider when buying diving equipment. Its main feature is to provide the diver the ability to propel water by enhancing the strength of leg muscles. To choose our fins we should consider the following:

Tip #1: You should know how strong are your leg muscles are. If your muscles are not as strong or you do not dive or exercise often, long and hard fins leaves can lead to difficult and uncomfortable dives and you will not be happy with your purchase. Therefore, first try fins in the air, then swinging legs. This should give you a clear idea if the fins are rigid or flexible and how they will behave underwater.

Tip #2: For diving fins that cover the entire foot or closed fins, make sure that they fit correctly moving the legs and ankles up and down. Do not miss the fins with this movement is a good sign and that the fins should be neither too tight nor too loose, and of course must be as comfortable as possible.

Tip #3: Know the degree of buoyancy of the fins. Diving fins have much buoyancy and underwater pull your feet. These fins will put some weight on your ankles.

Tip #4: When buying open fins, remember that at the same time you have to buy boots, so try both and make sure they are comfortable.

Tip #5: If you dive with wetsuit and drysuit probably some need two pairs of fins because the dry suits have very large boots and usually need larger sized fins. Unless your fins carry the strips with spring, keep in mind that the strips eventually wear out and break and you must therefore carry a spare. Review them regularly. Finally, after purchasing mark them with a marker pen on the inside. It is customary that the fins remain scattered among fins of the other divers on the boat deck.

Tip #6: After diving, always clean your equipment in fresh water to help eliminate all the salt, dirt, and sediments like sand. Remember to dry your equipment out of direct sunlight.

When you dive it is often done in a group and often many divers in the same group have the same fins. Even some experienced divers swapped their scuba fins with those of another diver. It was only in the next dive, when donning their fins that they realized the problem. To avoid this, I would strongly advise you to customize your fins! A little bit of fluorescent paint, decoration, stickers, are a good way to not lose them (or see another use them accidentally), and it is also a very good way to be recognized under water!

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