5 Benefits of Using Nitrox for Diving

New technologies are progressing very quickly. Even in the field of underwater studies and research, the discovery of new methods improve our dive times considerably. Today we want to show you Nitrox , what it is and why you should use it. Nitrox is simply oxygen-enriched air, the name comes from the combination of nitrogen-oxygen.

Why you should use Nitrox for Diving


Put simply, in the air, also called Nitrox, was 79% nitrogen (N2) and 21% oxygen (O2). In Nitrox, we will say 40% O2 and therefore “only” 60% N2! So inevitably, to the same depth and the same time at the bottom, it absorbs less nitrogen than breathing air. You soon realize the advantage given that nitrogen is the gas responsible for decompression sickness.

Breathing Nitrox instead of air, the safety curve is increased significantly to 20 meters deep. At this depth, Nitrox 36/64 (36% O2 and 64% N2), you can stay up to 1 h 15 underwater, while in the air this time increases to 40 minutes.

Another example: an exploration for 40 minutes to 19 meters with Nitrox 40 is equal to 40 minutes to 12 meters in the air.


In summer or in tropical water, hot water, full of life and light, dives between 0 and 20 meters often exceed 40 minutes. It is good to clarify that in such cases it is not the security that we seek, but above all the pleasure and the fun side. Nevertheless, nitrox improves physiological conditions of the desaturation of the body (the output of nitrogen).

nitrox dive

Indeed, with Nitrox 40, you will go up to 30 meters, and with Nitrox 32, you can go down to 40 meters. So you have no excuses. And for those planning a Level 3 day and going to greater depths, remember that the use of Nitrox is an advantage.


Training to use Nitrox, is very simple, it must pass two steps, which consist of two dives, where the first dive focuses mainly on the maximum depth that should not be exceeded, learning to stabilize and avoiding the danger of hyperoxia, ie the risk to poison the body of oxygen. You learn how to analyze the percentage of oxygen, to calculate the maximum immersion depth and to identify and control the tank to be used, in addition to receiving the theoretical lessons on the risks and limits of Nitrox.


You’ll have no complex manipulation. You do not need to change your habits, and will not have any tedious pre-dive preparation. It takes only five short minutes, or the time taken to analyze your block (differential of air containing bottles with green and yellow colors and the word Nitrox) and a small signature on a register.


Ideal for cruises or trips divers: if less nitrogen accumulates in the body, you will naturally be less fatigued and can also make the most of your holidays. The psychological aspect helps too, which will allow us to remain more quiet and relaxed in the water. The important thing is to remain below the safety curve. A minor amount of nitrogen present in the Nitrox, allows no-decompression limits greater than allowed by breathing air.

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