Protect Our Oceans

Did you know that the plastic used is not mineralized in the sea, they are divided into small pieces called microplastics .


One of the key objectives of the European policy, is to tackle the problem of microplastic in oceans. It asks EU Member States to implement measures to reduce marine litter, for a better marine environment health and to achieve and maintain a “good environmental status” by 2020.

Malta, a small country in the Mediterranean Sea, renowned for its beautiful diving centers, is reducing the waste as quickly as possible so as to save its ecosystem.

The staff of Shark Orange, official partner of Project Aware, reports that they are trying to clean the seabed, every time you dive. Each diver, is equipped with a mesh bag, so as to contribute each time you make a dive. Also after every dive, divers can connect to the Internet within the bowl to bring all the data resulting from their dive.

Bubbles Dive Centre official partner of Project Aware, cares, through their instructors, to make it clear to every diver, the importance of removing the waste in our seas, and to encourage their peers to do the same. The center cares to record and to inform, all waste that is collected on a monthly basis, to unearth the results and to understand how endangered our seas are.